Terms and Conditions

Behave in a civil, professional manner. Don't abuse the system. Illegal events are NOT permitted or sanctioned; event hosts will be vetted and verified before they may publish public events and collect payouts, and required to follow the sanctions and regulations according their local club and/or region. Event hosts may experience a delayed payout during their first validation process.

IF YOU BREAK THE LAW: We will cooperate with local and federal authorities to the fullest extent. Race Wrench does not tolerate illegal activity. Follow your Club, country, state/province, and county regulations and when necessary have the correct permits, contracts, licenses and safety procedures available.

You may be contacted by a Race Wrench representative in order to finalize approval of any application or process.

Race Wrench LLC reserves the right to ban any user from our system, for any reason whatsoever.

More legal stuff to be added here soon.